Open day @ Shinewater Sports Centre

Sport Eastbourne Open Day

Have you decided 2019 is your year? This is the year that your going to try something new but you have no idea what that new thing is? Struggling to know where to start?

Why not pop on down to Hampden Park Sports Centre for their open day on the 30th December 2018?!

Sports Eastbourne's open day will give you a chance to try a range of activities we have to offer for free! That's right it is all free to give you a chance to find a new activity to do this year!

So rather than struggling with your resolutions come on down and we will help you find the right activity for you in 2019!

Sport Eastbourne's open day is at Shinewater Sports Centre on the 30th of December 2018, 10AM - 2PM.

Kids Craft at Sport Eastbourne

Want something to keep the kids entertained?

Looking for a new place they can go during the holidays?

Why not pop in and try out our crafts session? Giving you a chance to see some of the bits we do at our Rascal's Playscheme.

Do your children constantly dance on Tik Tok?

Want something to help them release all that energy?

Why not come along and try out our Dance classes with Shining Stars!

Cavendish's Bouncy Castle

Want something to entertain the kids for a few hours?

Come along and play on the bouncy castle, with games run by our staff.

With many more activities to try and a fun free family day out, what reason do you have not to pop down?